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Chicago x-ray recycling - HIPAA compliancy

According to HIPAA, you as a doctor have the responsibility to make all efforts in order to assure that your x-rays are destructed and disposed of properly when time comes, that is how simple HIPAA explains it within the rules, however, it is not that simple as it sounds, basically instead of telling you where and how to dispose of the x-rays properly they leave everything in your hands, it means that if the information on your film will be exposed to improper hands somehow, than they will check if you followed their rules.


There must be a few x-ray recycling companies in Chicago and they probably all claim they are safe to go with, well there is only 1 way to find out:

If the company is in the x-ray recycling business for enough time, they should have plenty of customers who have used them in the Chicago area, if so, all you have to do is request for a few references of people who used them recently so you can actually call them and find out how they did, make sure they did the job right if they provided them with a certificate of destruction and if they paid whatever they obligated to pay for the film, we can of course provide you with such references any time, just ask your representative for such.

With B.W. Recycling, Inc you can be sure that all of your x-rays is 100% safe from the moment we pick-up the film at your location all the way to the time of arrival in our main facility for final destruction.

During many years of operation in the x-ray recycling silver recovery business B.W. Recycling, Inc have gained the trust of many customers in Chicago and throughout Illinois, you can actually talk to them and find out how we did.

Fill out the information below so we can contact you with the information you need for recycling your x-rays properly.

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