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Silver Recovery - How It Works

Silver recovery is a safe, straightforward process designed to remove the silver from x-ray film.

The silver recovery process involves using a specialized emulsion on the film which liquefies and removes the silver from the plastic film.

This process works for all types of silver contained film such as medical, lithographic, or industrial film, the recovered silver is than sold back into the precious metals market to be reused for other applications.

silver recovery from film

The Benefits of Silver Recovery

  • Safe and secure removal of old x-ray records.
  • Generated revenue from old x-rays.
  • Pick up & removal from your site.
  • Reclaimed office and storage space previously taken up by the end of life x-ray records.
  • Environmentally responsible recycling of resources.

With B.W. Recycling, Inc silver recovery process, you can rest assured that your x-ray records have been efficiently and safely recycled, at no cost or trouble to your organization and you will get paid per each lb of film.

We have built our silver recovery process around both EPA and HIPAA requirements.

Fill out the information below so we can contact you with the information you need for recycling your x-rays properly.

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