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Common questions about out x-ray recycling in Chicago.


How much you pay per lb of x-ray film?
The price per lb fluxuate based on the current silver market, the kind of film and the weight, therefore the price per lb of film is not posted on our website, for pricing information please call out hotline anytime. you can also read Price paid for x-rays page for more information about the x-ray price.

Are you HIPAA certified?
HIPAA certified is not the best description for what we are or any other x-ray recycling company is, the term HIPAA compliant would fit more, since HIPAA does not certify anyone to take care of x-rays, however they do have rules when it comes to disposal of any medical records, which we follow as we are disposing of older x-rays and other medical records.

How soon can you pick-up?
We can pick-up with a very short notice, especially in the Chicago Land area, short notice can be even today or tomorrow morning.

What kind of x-ray film do you take?
We take most kinds of photographic film which contains silver, click here to see all types of film we recycle

Can you pay me with actual silver?
Paying with actual silver is optional depending on the quantity of film you have, it is usually available for larger quantities of film.

Do you provide a certificate of destruction for the film?
Of course, we provide a certificate of destruction which states that all of the film and any other medical records we picked-up will be permanently destroyed, the certificate is HIPAA compliant.

I am located outside of Chicago, do you pick-up there?
We pick-up anywhere in the state of Illinois including Chicago greater area and all other cities in the state, we serve cook county and all other counties in Illinois.

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